Rebuilding the American Economy

with true cost accounting

Passive Solar Architecture


We face many challenging problems in rebuilding our economy; however, if accounting is done more carefully, if true costs are paid, and asset value is considered, the economy can be rebuilt on a much more sustainable foundation.

    With investment in real projects that have sustainable value, the United States and the world can be rebuilt and a much better life for all current and future generations can be ensured.

    This book explains how this can be done.


Change is Needed!

David A. Bainbridge

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This book is a treasure! Drawn from the coauthors’ and contributors’ decades of successful experience, Passive Solar Architecture is both inspiringly broad in scope and delightfully detailed. John S. Reynolds, FAIA

When using these passive principles to best advantage with little or no extra cost ... savings in both summer and winter will often exceed 50-80%.  Dr. Loren W. Neubauer, 1979

Desert restoration is possible and vitally important for the people who live there. Start now!

Straw bale construction saves energy and money. Ideal in many parts of the world and now in use from Arizona to Mongolia

Economy and performance.